Quantity. This nerite snail has a nearly all-black shell and is a striking contrast to virtually all other animals and plants in the aquarium! Nerite snails will grow up to 1 inch if kept healthy. He only comes out after my lighting turns to sunset. The little black racer nerite is Hades, and boy does he fit his name. These usually point towards the center of the snails’ coils. About three months ago, I got two mystery snails and a nerite snail for my betta's tank. Still, at least in that tank, because we have so many in such a small volume, they actually eat that as well, now Nerite Snail they also do a really good job of eating algae, some people said they do an even slightly better job than Mystery Snails of eating algae, for me personally. Yes, he was very dark when I bought him. NEW LOWER COST SHIPPING RATES-Unlimited Combined Shipping For Bettas. The stripes are usually black and yellow in color, but the shade can vary. The behaviors that you are seeing aren't specific to all black colored nerites, probably just the specific snail. 'Black racer' is another color morph of the nerite, as are olive, tire tracked, zebra, and horned. Nerite is a freshwater snail, however it … Zebra nerite snails have stripes across their shells that point towards the center of the coil. Different species have different colors and markings, but they share the same basic shape and structure. He has changed to more brown in my tank. They primarily eat algae and that is why I wanted one. The following water parameters are recommended for keeping aquarium snails: pH 7,0-8,8, gH 6-28°dGH , kH 6-20°dGH, water temperature 20 — 28° C (22-25 °C – optimal temperature). I would say that snails don’t generally eat black beard algae. Black Racer Nerite Snails. Black Racer Nerite Snails 3 Pack. This varies from Betta to Betta but marble Betta’s can change more dramatically over a short period. I have a black racer snail and thought he was weird. Out of all of the snails you might get for a freshwater tank, nerites are by far one of my favorites. The zebra nerite snail is one of the most prolific, housing black and yellow stripes that move across their shells. When keeping snails in more soft water, their shell softens. Tiger nerite snails, despite being in possession of stripes like those of the zebra nerite snail, will have coloration that is a vibrant orange. I have one betta in the planted tank and he acts like the snail isn't there. I have also read people talking about providing a cuddle bone for snails to help them to keep a healthy shell. My nerite is no longer black. I have a new nerite black racing snail, and have taken others advice and lowered my water level an inch or better below the top of the tank to help to keep him from escaping. Add To Cart. Since they're blue and gold, I named the mystery snails Poseidon and Zeus. He stays out all night and is very quick. While they will happily live in freshwater, they must migrate to marine environments to breed. $10.00. FREE FedEx SHIPPING Reticulated Hillstream Loach Aquarium Moss Java Shrimp Algae, $34.99; 25 Live Freshwater Olive Nerite Snails Eats lots of algae great cleaners, $25.00; (2) TWO Live Land Milk Snails Otala Lactea XL Breeder,Pet,Edu + 2 FREE GIFT, $15.99; 3 Assassin Snails (Clea Helena) 1/2" to 3/4" Live Freshwater Snail Plants, $10.99

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