Prefers a full sun to part shade position and a well drained soil. As mention earlier the blue daze is a hardy perennial which can thrive in about any soil type providing that the soil has good drainage. (30-45 cm) Spacing: 15-18 in. 6. Foliage Color: Bronze. The blue daze evolvulus flowering plant is native to Paraguay and Brazil. Supplied in a 50mm pot. Because "Blue Daze" thrives in full, hot sunlight, it needs frequent watering. We had just removed overgrown shrubs from this spot, so with some new soil, manure, peat moss and turning … Other Flowering Shrubs see all flowering shrubs Height (Inches) 10. Plumbago thrives in the South African heat and in the United States it is found growing year-round in the southernmos… M & D Roofing & Renovations. Frost Sensitive. Water . Sun Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade. Water . Full sun is preferred, but the plants are tolerant of a bit of shade. Tons of creative content coming your way! Install blue daze as a border plant in your garden. 1. ... That would be the MINIMUM set of requirements for a matter what profession s/he is in! more info. Botanical Name. 4. Once your blue daze is installed give sufficient water, water until it begins to drain from drain holes once the water stops draining mount your hanging basket from your porch or other structure where it is visible to be enjoyed. Check the appearance of the plants, the condition of the soil on the surface and the condition four to five inches down. When it comes to disease the only mean issues are fungal problems because of long periods of rain or soil that is poorly drained which can cause deterioration and death of blue daze. }, var shrs_empty =''; var shrs_MAP85575_loadSubPage = function (pageNum, aEl){ try{ var arrPage = shrs_getElementsByClassName(document.getElementById('shrs_MAP85575_target'), 'MAP85575_pagedDisplay'); var pageToshow = document.getElementById('MAP85575_page'+pageNum); var menuEl = document.getElementById('shrs_MAP85575_pagingListEl'); var dspCurrentPage = document.getElementById('shrs_MAP85575_pagingDspCurrentPage'); for (var i=0;i<'+'ddiv style="margin-bottom:5px;text-align:right;"><'+'a href="Javascript:void(0);" onClick="MAP85575_showLrgImage();">CLOSE [X]<'+'/a><'+'div><'+'img src="'+imgUrl+'" style="max-width:'+size.width+'px;max-height:'+size.height+'px;"><'+'d/div>'; = 'block'; } }, How To Attract Pollinators To Your Garden, How To Attract Beneficial Insects To Control Garden Pest, Releasing And Keeping Beneficial Insects In Your Garden, How To Harvest Worm Casting For Your Garden, Starting Your Own Ornamental Pest Control Business, Garden Ornamental Plants, Shrubs, Bulbs, Bromeliads And Ground Covers, Baby Nursery Rocking Chair with Adjustable Backrest + Ottoman, In/Outdoor 3-Piece Plastic Children Play Table & Chair Set. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufactures direction on the label for best results. The use of blue daze in your garden and landscape can work wonders, their blue flowers can really bring that much-needed change. It loves heat and sun; provide fertile, well-drained soil supplied with a slow-release fertilizer. EVOLVULUS BLUE DAZE 50mm Pot. A soaker hose is a great investment for keeping plants healthy and reducing water lost through evaporation. Trailing. Receive related notifications of new posts, based on your gardening interests, please let us know what you would like to receive updates on. Water frequently, but avoid standing water or soggy conditions as these could cause fatal fungus problems. Blue Daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) Common names: Blue Daze: Evolvulus: Hawaiian Blue Eyes: General Plant Information ; Plant Habit: Herb/Forb: Life cycle: Perennial: Sun Requirements: Full Sun Full Sun to Partial Shade: Water Preferences: Mesic: Minimum cold hardiness: Zone 8a -12.2 °C (10 °F) to … angel123. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. Bright lavender blue flowers with a white centre. The total water requirements to alleviate hunger by 2030 would be reduced to 3,000 km 3 ∕ year, which is a major reduction, while leaving a very sizeable volume unaccounted for. Here are just a few places to install your blue daze. Width: 2′. Additional information. Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener. Brighten your blue days with blue daze that is sure to rock your world with its beauty bringing that much-needed flavor. more info. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Blue Daze is a trailing plant tolerant of heat and drought and is a true survivor that will grow equally well in the garden or a pot or basket. Make sure to water regularly. Requires Regular Maintenance. $('.ml-subscribe-form-1292910 .row-success').show(); not blue days but blue daze as apart of your garden and landscapes, these garden beauties can brighten your day with its beautiful flowers though small which can be an eye-catcher adding to the overall design of your landscape and gardens. N/A. Fruit: No. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about plants and gardening in South Africa. Blue daze will bloom 10 months out of the year but will give longer bloom periods in warmer climates. irrigation water delivered to this area) in each treatment, at 100% ET, we applied 20-36% more water by microspray and 11 7-138% more water by sprinkler than by drip each year (Table I). Requires Regular Maintenance. function ml_webform_success_1292910() { They are... starting at $49.95. I’m perplexed since they all receive about the same amount of water … Here are just a few places to install your blue daze. This assures a healthy and thriving container garden. Alongside your wall is a great spot to install these summer beauties. 2) Don't water by the calendar, but rather when the plants need it. The blue daze is self-cleaning meaning spent flowers will fall to the soil’s surface. Requires Little Water. ... 'Blue My Mind' Blue Daze is an improved variety of Blue Daze. Height: 6-12″. Grow your Bluebeard plant in full sun or very light shade. loading... 'Blue My Mind' Blue Daze is an improved variety of Blue Daze. ... Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' Plant Care: Full Sun. 1. It loves heat and sun, and will thrive in well-drained soil. We spotted Blue My Mind in Lowe’s while picking up some red and white vinca. Remember to give your garden plants sufficient space when installing for proper growth and air circulation. Spreading ground cover with blue flowers in summer. Blue-Green. This perennial beauty is evergreen and a member of the morning glory family. Blue daze is a low maintenance, mostly pest and disease free plant. This assures a healthy and thriving container garden. Care of Blue Fescue Grass. Sun Requirements: full sun. Sun to Partial Shade. To avoid frost damage overwinter your blue daze by bringing them indoors. Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' requirements and features. 7. Requirements Soil Requirements: Clay, Loam, Sand Soil Ph Requirements: Acidic, Neutral Water Requirements: Moderate Light Requirements: Full, Part Management Toxity: No Susceptibility to Pests and Diseases: Yes Mowing Height: 5 - 7 cm Surface Rooting: No Life Span: 25-50 years Edible Parts: Fruit Pests: Nematodes, Thrips Plant Propagations: Cutting Some plants that make appealing container gardens and grow well together include: Penta used as the center specimen with blue daze planted on the outside to sprawl over the side. The blue daze does not require frequent watering. Moderate Watering. High Maintenance. Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' requirements and features. Can be effective as a seasonal groundcover or bedding plant. Light Requirements. Of course, you want to make sure you plant combinations having the same requirements in soil, light, and water. 7. The one-inch flowers bloom during the day, closing if rain approaches. Evolvulus nummularis. *Due to high demand, materials may take longer to ship*. Features - Dainty blooms on spreading plants. $('.ml-subscribe-form-1292910 .row-form').hide(); Blue daze is not fussy as we have seen and is so easy to care for. Signup up today for the best gardening information and $ave! It is more compact and has more... starting at $4.50. They should be planted in moderately rich, well draining soil. Qty . A lover of heat, evolvulus thrives in the middle of a hot summer and continues to impress all the way through fall. Width (Inches) 24. /1 gal. Light Requirement. Sheds Part of Its Foliage During Winter/Autumn. 6. Unit. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. more info. Frost Sensitive. 5. Colours - Blue with white centres. Blue fescue grass needs average moisture, and will require supplemental water in summer. 6. 2. Height: 6-12 in. Full Sun – Prefers 6 or more hours of sun per day. If you are staying fewer than 14 days, you will be allowed to depart on your regularly scheduled date without any issue. 1. Install blue daze in containers and place the containers on either side of your door entrance. Plant en masse for even greater effect! 2. Width (Inches) 24. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Foliage Color: Blue-Green. Light Requirements. So pruning your blue daze back a bit will help to keep its luster. Be the first to review “Blue Daze”. Growing Requirements for Bluebeard Plants Bluebeards are hardy in USDA zones5-9. (30-38 cm) Hardiness: USDA Zone 10a: to -1.1 °C (30 °F) USDA Zone 10b: to 1.7 °C (35 °F) USDA Zone 11: above 4.5 °C (40 °F) Where to Grow: 2. Full Sun – Prefers 6 or more hours of sun per day. ... Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' Plant Care: Full Sun. Do you want a colorful garden then try these color combinations? The plumbago plant (Plumbago auriculata), also known as the Cape plumbago or sky flower, is actually a shrub and in its natural surroundings can grow 6 to 10 feet tall with a spread of 8 to 10 feet. Yes you are in an have successfully joined our subscriber list. Pack. Is Able to Survive Moderately Low Temperatures. Water Requirements… $ 5.99. Climate Requirements: Prefers sun to partial shade and a warm climate to thrive. Height: 6-12 in. If the plants look wilted in the morning, they need watering. 8. Full Story. (38-45 cm) Hardiness: USDA Zone 8a: to -12.2 °C (10 °F) USDA Zone 8b: to -9.4 °C (15 °F) USDA Zone 9a: to -6.6 °C (20 °F) In the winter, they need little watering. Spectacular, bright orange and midnight-blue flowers resembling the face of a colorful crane surrounded by paddle-shaped, emerald-green leaves. Partial Sun. Blooms summer to fall atop silvery green The use of good garden soil that has good drainage will work wonders. Moderate Watering – Requires Regular Watering. Once established, blue daze should only be watered when the top few inches of the soil dry out. 'Blue Daze' thrives in hot weather and sharply-drained soil of modest fertility, but will also perform quite nicely in average, well-drained soil or potting mix. For those beautiful flowers, bloom install your blue dazes in and area that gets full sunlight. What I love about these hardy plants is that they can survive in a range of soil providing that the soil type has good drainage because blue daze does not like wet feet. How far can blue water, that is, irrigation, go in covering this remaining net … Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. Two convenient pickup spots! Native to the western United States, it grows in prairies and intermountain plateaus. Requires Little Water. When installing blue daze in hanging baskets ensure that the hanging baskets have drain holes. Because of its ability to produce flowers it is best to use fertilizers which will encourage flower bloom. Non Indigenous. Water your blue daze regularly during its first year of growth so that the soil remains moist. (15-30 cm) 12-18 in. What I love about pruning is that this procedure will give you a plant that is fuller with more flower bloom. The plant may die back if the soils are too heavy and full of clay, so amend the area prior to planting with plenty of compost. Moderate Watering. Many use this perennial as a ground cover. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. Another name for the blue daze is the dwarf morning glory. It seems that the Governor has changed the policy that required test results to be received within five days of travel, and reverted back to the original requirement that tests must be taken and results received within the five days prior. 3. Sun Exposure: Full Sun. Evolvulus nuttallianus 'Blue Daze' Flower Family. Fuzzy, silvery-green leaves on spreading stems are made lovely in summer with small blue and white flowers. Your hand pruner should be sharp and in good repair. A small spreading ground cover for sunny areas. 1 Review.

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