At least 30 residency credits must be completed in core bachelor of science in nursing courses at Rutgers. Analyze the degree to which forms of human differences and stratifications among social groups shape individual and group experiences of, and perspectives on, contemporary issues. Apply effective and efficient mathematical or other formal processes to reason and to solve problems. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to direct suggestions, comments, or complaints concerning any accessibility issues with Rutgers web sites to: or complete the Report Accessibility Barrier or Provide Feedback Form. The curriculum includes four core classes and a combination of HLLC inter-disciplinary elective courses taught by world renowned-faculty from various academic departments, local community leaders, and public scholars. [WCD]. A single course may be used to meet multiple goals. The distinctive SAS Core Curriculum is structured as a set of core liberal arts and sciences learning goals. Transfer credits from courses taken in high school will not generally meet these requirements. New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8525 All rights reserved. [NS], (Note: Use Degree Navigator to make sure you are completing courses in two different disciplines. Click Course for Sample Syllabus. [SCL], (Note: Use Degree Navigator to make sure you are completing courses in different disciplines. Understand the nature of human languages and their speakers. Understand different theories about human culture, social identity, economic entities, political systems, and other forms of social organization. Road to Food, Animals & the Environment Mentoring Program, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Office of Philanthropy & Strategic Partnerships, Weed and Disease Control Guide Wins ‘Excellence in Extension’ Award, Atmospheric Rivers Help Create Massive Holes in Antarctic Sea Ice, Atmospheric rivers help create massive holes in antarctic sea ice, View courses certified for Contemporary Challenges [CC], See Degree Navigator for courses certified for Experience-Based Education [EBE] in your major, View courses certified for Natural Sciences [NS], View courses certified for Historical Analysis [HST], View courses certified for Social Analysis [SCL], View courses certified for Arts and Humanities [AH], View courses certified for Writing and Communication [WC], [WCD], View courses certified for Quantitative and Formal Reasoning [QQ], [QR], Executive Dean of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Report Accessibility Barrier or Provide Feedback Form. To that end, the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark, with the cooperation of faculty from all of the campus' other schools, has redesigned the general education requirements for the campus to prepare students to successfully pursue a wide range of professional activities as well as to pursue graduate tra… All students must take Expository Writing 01:355:101 or its equivalent. Communicate complex ideas effectively, in standard written English, to a general audience, and respond effectively to editorial feedback from peers, instructors, &/or supervisors through successive drafts & revision. For lists of courses certified as meeting each goal, see below. Core Curriculum Courses in Peace and Conflict Studies. 21C, AHo. View All Summer Session Courses. Students must take two courses, one each in two of the following disciplines: physical, biological, or environmental sciences. The HLLC curriculum consists of a minimum of 18 credits in HLLC designated courses (with the timing of courses subject to student’s’ major and/or status as a first year or transfer student). [AHp], Understand the nature of human languages and their speakers. Analyze the relationship that science and technology have to a contemporary social issue. Analyze contemporary issues of social justice. At the core of the Honors College curriculum is the first-year mission course, the Honors College Forum. Rutgers Executive MBAs are trained to think on their feet—to think fast and to be bold enough to make rapid-fire decisions alone, if and when they have to. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to direct suggestions, comments, or complaints concerning any accessibility issues with Rutgers web sites to: or complete the Report Accessibility Barrier or Provide Feedback Form. ), Quantitative and Formal Reasoning (6 credits)—Students must meet two goals. For students who entered spring 2019 or earlier [CCD]/[CCO] courses will fulfill Contemporary Challenges [CC]. Students should use the Rutgers-Camden Catalog as your guide through the program. Students must take two degree credit-bearing courses and meet at least two of these goals. Curriculum. Core Courses (8 courses, 24 credits) Linking HR to Business Strategy ), Arts and Humanities (3 credits)—Students must complete one course to meet one goal. Sophomore Monthly December Newsletter- Check it out! Courses include foundational studies in calculus, chemistry, physics, programming, English, and other requirements. [AHo], Analyze arts and/or literatures in themselves and in relation to specific histories, values, languages, cultures, and technologies. All Courses must be credit-bearing, graded courses certified by the faculty as meeting core goals. Note: Most will complete this with a course in your major. SAS Core Curriculum Good Core Curriculum The School of Arts and Sciences ( SAS) requires that all students complete a goal-based Core Curriculum, as well as an approved major and an approved minor for students who are not pursuing credit-intensive majors. Natural Sciences (6 credits)—each course must meet both goals). Through the Core Curriculum, students will emerge from their Rutgers-Newark education with the ability to apply their knowledge to the major questions of the 21st century. There is significant value to MBA candidates who earn this designation. Employ historical reasoning to study human endeavors, using appropriate assumptions, methods, evidence, and arguments. Each rubric includes criteria for scoring that provide substantive definitions for each level of student performance on the goal. All curriculum requirements of the first five years must be successfully completed before students may register for any Terminal Year rotations (Advanced Practice Experiences). document.getElementById('cloak5b04e98e4581fb53712b7d79d73ca8ea').innerHTML = ''; [AHr]. A course used to meet core goals may also be used to fulfill a major or minor requirement. Understand and apply basic principles and concepts in the physical or biological sciences. [WCr], Communicate effectively in modes appropriate to a discipline or area of inquiry; evaluate and critically assess sources and use the conventions of attribution and citation correctly; and analyze and synthesize information and ideas from multiple sources to generate new insights. Nontraditional, International & Special Population Team, First-Year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS), Students in Transition Seminar (STS) and Passport, Procedures for Reenrolling into SAS from another Rutgers School, Nontraditional, Second Degree, Reenrolling, Nonmatriculating Students, Make a Virtual Appointment with an Academic Advisor, Areas of Inquiry: Contemporary Challenges, Areas of Inquiry: Social and Historical Analysis, Cognitive Skills and Processes: Writing and Communication, Cognitive Skills and Processes: Quantitative and Formal Reasoning, Cognitive Skills and Processes: Information Technology and Research, International Baccalaureate Examinations (IB), Final Courses taken Outside of Rutgers University, Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress, Participation in Commencement and Convocation, Career Explorations in the Arts and Sciences, Career Explorations in the Arts and Sciences Majors, SAS Students and Alumni Outside the Classroom. Students must take two degree credit-bearing courses and meet both HST and SCL, as follows: Courses certified for Areas of Inquiry: Social and Historical Analysis [SCL], [HST] (6 credits).

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