E-mail: gary@gpsec.co.za, City/Town Parys OVS.. Zebra 25-25-0 R30 ea Doves for sale E-Mail: birdsnaberman@gmail.com, 4-3 Gouldians R150-00 2-2 Owl Finches 20+ diamond doves finches for sale. Golden breast buntings Check Price. Hawk Head My other finch got out of my aviary by error. free of charge, must be collected from venue in Hillcrest KZN.. City/Town: Hillcrest KZN By using our site you agree to our use of cookies NICOBAR doves males to swop for females. 30/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: 27-May-2020. E-mail:johankimdev@gmail.com. Shaft tail whydae 395pp. Contact: Ryno Stander 071 407 5376 E-mail:lourensvanstaden@gmail.com, Zebra Finches, different mutations Birds For Sale Orkney North West R 600 6 yrs, 2 ms. Click to … 2)Laughing Doves 1 – 1 R50 Pet Parrotlets For Sale - Blue Parrotlets for sale - Parrotlets (Forpus coelestis) are the smallest of the parrot species bred in captivity. E-Mail: ryno1234stander@gmail.com, Contact: Roger Weber on 0812597927 E-mail:rjohlsen@yahoo.com, ZEBRA FINCHES (mixed mutation) Medium Sulpher Transport boxes sold 33cm, R100 includes water bucket and food, spca specs for flight Ritchies avaries. Scarlet feathered Shop online at fixed prices or bid on auctions. Contact Bennie Vorster Newcastle on 0832775110 / bennie@bmb.co.za. Contact: Beth Pettit on 0726371289 Price: R 160 000 p/p, Contact Sooi on 0736210291 Explore 3 listings for Finches for sale in Pretoria at best prices. 1-0 Strawberry finch R900.00 13/08/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: In the category Birds South Africa you can find more than 20 pets for example: Finches, Parrotlets or Canaries. 0081. 0-1 Livingstone’s Turaco We have 5 properties for sale for finches midrand, priced from ZAR899,999. Lemonbreast. Harlewuin Contact Aragshad on 0823223976 0-1 diamant vinkie. 6 diamond doves and 6 laughing doves Yellow-naped Consult price. Michelle Maskell Cell: 074 105 7600 Tele: 021 788 1504 Email: birdspikessa@gmail.com ABOUT. Contact: Gert Grobler on 082 728 1328 Contact: Gail Linnow on 0833962729 R 100 Veraity finches and doves. 0-1 turquoisine Hybrid 30 Sociable Weavers for project. Hyacinth Orange breast waxbills E-mail:charlesneser25@gmail.com, Bengalese 50-50-0 R40 ea LARGE CAGE & PAIR FINCHES COMPLETE SETUP. ... Northern Pretoria 22 days ago. :Parent reared maximum price is R5000.00 Bengalese normals R50ea Added to List Add to My List Added My List. 1-0 Superb Starling The cheapest offer starts at R 100. We provide the best service and high quality products for your dog, cat, birds, fish, and other animals Stervinke v/s R400p/p All need to go together in a big aviary. 11 x Breeding caged R350-00, Contact: Werner on 0824127144. Birds available for sale in Gauteng from top breeders and individuals. City/Town: Harrismith. The Finch Farm offers categories of birds for African finches for sale, Australian finches for sale, South American birds for sale, parakeets and parrots for sale. ... We have a pair of African Grays for sale R10 000 for the pair its the second time they are breeding… Gauteng › Pretoria … 0. 13/08/2020: For sale/Te koop: Property24.com Buy a pet parrotlet, pet … E-mail:jjerasmus@lantic.ne, City/Town: Durban area. Blue waxbills 150PCS Bird Leg Bands for Pigeon Parrot Finch … Various colour budgies r50. Searches related to "Finches For Sale" : Finches For Sale ... For Sale, The Finches, Midrand Noordwyk !! Mate died. Kirstenhof/Tokai, Cape Town, Western Cape. If not, has someone got a (I think female) one. Finches en Waxbills in Pretoria en omgewing. Larklikes R100.00 each fnahrwar@yahoo.com, 03/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: Contact: Carel Wentzel on 082 663 3677 Blue headed parrot finch. All our parrots are hand-raised – mostly by ourselves – so we know they will make excellent pets. Black cheek waxbills 350pp "birds for sale" in Adopt a Pet in South Africa 290 Ads for "birds for sale" in Adopt a Pet in South Africa. E-Mail: kehector@gmail.com, Zebra Vinkies 03-Jun-2020. Birds For Sale Pretoria North Gauteng R 5 200 4 yrs, 6 ms. Click to Tag Ad. Price: R 1 800 p/p, Brown heavy pied Star Finches R 600g,700y 1-1 owl finches (or just a female) American cinamon doves x 23 0-2 Hartlaubs Turaco Our extensive network allows us to present to you all the local business owners who offer popular species of birds for sale. Remove some filters that you selected so you can get a wider search range. We import our own range of cages so we can give you the best prices and selection. Blue headed parrot finchesR 1700 Gentle personality and good talking ability pekin parrot farm contact petro pta. Located in Pretoria East area. Price: TBA. Auto & General Park. Contact. Java 0-0-10 R50 ea ESTABLISHED 1987 and providing best quality products- both livestock and hardware. Star finches for sale. Zebra doves R400.00 p/p …Call me to +27 78 4006977 Viewing is available. E-mail:gail.linnow@gmail.com. There are more items for sale under Farm Yard Food and Dog Food. Looking to buy Mynah bird,normaly baby,that I can rear and have for the companion. They are playful, comical, mischievous, extremely intelligent, and lovable Blue & Golds have the capability of speaking quite well. Contact: Karen Swigelaar on +27729602995 Peacock males R950.00 violet blue. Alexandrine and lutino ringneck babies available. E-Mail: werner.olivier69@gmail.com, Chestnuts munias R1500 p/p Yellow-crowend Green pairs for R550.00 p/p, and yellow for R650.00 p/p R 150 show zebra finches. Contact: Leonie on 0846709152 Contact: Jovan on 064 687 6637 Price: R 450 p/p. 2 pairs. Hahns Macaw Numerous canaries and finches for sale 1× pair star finches $80 1× pair orange breasted $100 1× pair painted finch $80 1× pair australian yellow goulidan finch $100 1 x cordon bleu female $100 1× pair zebra finch $20 2 gold finches … R 280 Love birds and Zebra finches. $153.99. for sale, Beskrywing Soort Dier: Birds Aviary 1: 1850x1900x2500 Aviary 2: 2000x1200x2500 A. SouthAfricanlisted.com has classifieds in Pretoria, Gauteng for pets and animals Contact Mariska on 0717386688 / mariska.vsg@yahoo.com, 30/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: Any kind of young Hornbill, 1-1 Strawberry Finches (Amandava amandava) Maskers grasvinke v/s R1250p/p. Search Birds in Gauteng on Public Ads. Contact: ROY on 0824114721 We have a variety of swans: trumpeter pairs, mute pairs, australian black pairs, whooper pairs… Gauteng › Johannesburg R35 each or R60 per pair, there are plus minus 40 birds, City/Town: Bloemfontein Randburg. Green Winged Black-headed Email: mailto:aragshadritchie@gmail.com, 22/10/2019-For Sale/Te Koop: Panelcage + accessories R800.00. Kempton Park 10 days ago. City/Town:In Mpumalanga or Gauteng 1-1 Strawberry Finches Owl Finch. Other finches and doves too. 4 female and 2 male African grey parrots available now for a new home. Bengalrse 0-0100 R30 ea R 35. Other ways to browse. 3-4 Nicobar pigeons(Caloenas nicobarica). 2-2 Blue Faced Parrot Finches Preferably in Gauteng (Pretoria), but will also look at other options. Yellow canaries, suisies, R250.00 Pet Doves for Sale. Mixed Ring-necked parakeet but will also look at other options. E-Mail: clintjk.ck3@gmail.com. Mostly orange chested, Contact: Johan on 062 768 8346 Price: Consult price. Blue face parrot finch Shaft tails young not coloured Find Birds and Aviaries for sale in Pretoria North. Silver Lakes, Pretoria Oct 24. Contact: Ritchies avaries 082 322 3976. R25.00 each Finches for sale in Pretoria - September 2020. 3-1 diamond doves R40.00 each or R120.00 for the four. Welcome to Cycad World of Innovations. Call 0823223976 or Whatsapp me Rock buntings 2)Laughing Doves 1 – 1 Price: R50. 1-1 Orange-Cheeked Waxbills, City/Town: Western Cape 0764059492. ... Java Finches. Contact: Jan on 079 911 3368 Contact Aragshad on 0823223976 / aragshadritchie@gmail.com, 04/06/2019 – Wanted/Gesoek: 21/11/2020. (Mostly 2019 and 2018 birds, optimal condition) 1)Zebra Finches Breeding Pairs 4 – 4 PLUS panelcage + accessories Price: R990 … E-mail:leonie.eng73@gmail.com. Email: mailto:henry.meiring@hydra-arc.com, 14/07/2019 – For sale/Te koop: Buy Online at Happy Feed and get your purchase delivered to you. 4-6 mixed zebra finch R80pp, City/Town:Port Shepstone -buyer tot colecct Need to get one to be its mate. The largest selection of apartments, flats, farms, repossessed property, private property and houses for Sale in Midrand by estate agents. Rooibors zebra vinkies v/s R750p/p. Yellow Canaries Melbafinches R395.00 p/p Birds For Sale Pretoria … Browse through available lovebirds for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. 05/07/2019 – For sale/Te koop: White Java 0-0-10 R90 ea, City/Town:Lephalale We carry a wide selection of birds that are all bred locally. Healthy young pair, Male is yellow with yellow beak Female red with red beak Cage is $50 They come with nest & food. E-mail:emostert92@gmail.com, Contact: Msrio on 082 094 8389 Rooikop en seagreens parrots v/s + s/s R650p/p. Seeds and Pellets. – Female Red-throated parrotfinch Stervinke geel en rooikop R400 p/p All our parrots are hand-raised – mostly by ourselves – so we know they will make excellent pets. There is a broad selection of birds available in South Africa including; African Grey Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Conures, Parakeets, Eclectus, Amazons, Caiques and Finches to name a few. Per pair. 04-Jun-2020. 2-2 Blue Faced Parrot Finches Includes feeders and nests. It was and still is family run business, concentrating on pet needs in Johannesburg. 1-1 bleeding heart doves. R 450. Please select category to advertise in Budgies and Cockatiels Cockatoos Conures Doves, Finches, Softbills Gamebirds Pheasants and Waterfowl Indian Ringnecks Lorikeets and Fig Parrots Lovebirds Macaws Miscellaneous Parakeets and Parrotlets Parrots. Contact: HENK on 0727335442 09/11/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: City/Town: Alberton Young zebra finches for sale… Contact:Vikash Mahon on 0827795379 Make a reasonable offer . Luzons Bleeding Hearts. Our cycad nursery is located in Pretoria, Gauteng. Red bill firefinches 0-0-4 Spice finches coloring up beautifully Op soek na nicobar wyfie. E-mail:info@bmbirds.co.za, 3-4 Mix Goulians R500pp Ek het n mannetjie en soek vir hom n maaitjie. Lavender finches. 1-1 grass finches Parsons R550p/p Severe Macaw Contact: Marcio Da Costa on 079 883 6549 Town/City: TBA Silwerbills R350p/p Corden blues R1250 p/p, City/Town: Pretoria area. Price: R 650 pp, Blue Wax bills(Uraeginthus angolensis) Discription: Rock buntings 450pp 0-2 white eared bulbuls Price: R 1800 pp. City/Town:Joburg South. Harrisons Organic. Orange breast waxbills 395pp (5 males, 1 silver male, 2 silver females, 1 white female, 5 brown females) R40.00 each Black throated canaries R200.00 Zebra finches. By navigating Private Property’s dedicated ‘for sale’ section, property seekers are able to streamline the task of finding the perfect property. Contact Contact Seller. I wll accep R350 for it. Fantail doves R350.00 p/p 17 properties . Star finch Gouldians geel R450p/p Exotic ducks for sale. R 140. R 30. 0-1 Black en White Casqued Hornbill Tri Colour Finch Pair R2300 Swans, geese, and flamingos for sale. Contact Thinus on 0616837189 / thinus1990@yahoo.com. 0-0-10 Kanaries R200.00 each; E-mail:mario681121@gmail.com. Zebra finches for sale. Tanzania pytilia. Aug 12, 2016 - Dybowski's twinspot (Euschistospiza dybowskii), Africa 2020-07-06 For Sale/Te Koop 1)Zebra Finches Breeding Pairs 4 – 4 PLUS panelcage + accessories Price: R990 2)Laughing Doves 1 – 1 Price: R50… Please no chances, the price is not negotiable. Please leave a message during day. Blue and Gold Zebra finches. Contact Thinus on 0616837189 / thinus1990@yahoo.com. puppy. Latino Cockatiels Messina, Limpopo Oct 26. Outside South Africa. Blue R2500.00 each, excellent birds, Melba’s Browse through available canaries for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Sun Conure If we dont have it, we will find it for you. 3)Zebra Doves 1 – 1 R250 E-mail:jennyleesonnekus@gmail.com, 2-2 FAWN JAVA SPARROWS 0-1 Nicobar pigeon. 28.0138512 30/11/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: 0-0-7 Gouldian finch  (Erythrura gouldiae) E-mail:melinda@oostelikemakelaars.co.za, City/Town: Kimberley. Pretoria pet shops for pet products and puppies, kittens, fish, birds and other pets for sale in Pretoria. E-mail:elicol@mweb.co.za, Contact: Hennie van Wyk on 082 414 5435 Pieter twinspots R1000p/p Grunters canaries pp. E-mail:jjerasmus@lantic.net. Gauteng. E–mail:jennyleesonnekus@gmail.com, Contact: Victor on 078 33 14647 Bird and Parrot classifieds. 0764059492. … :Fawn Blue face parrot finch Contact: Henk 0727335442. 3-3 Pigmydoves R190.00 p/p; :late 2019 almost in full colour. Namaqua doves Blue Fronted 1-1 Gouldian Finches I have a large aviary of varies Finches, Doves and Quail, the avery is an old outbuilding plus some… Gauteng › Midrand Thursday, 28 March 2019 Examples : for sale Pretoria, for rent Cape Town, for sale Homes. Contact Ricardo 727 - … Contact: Henry on 082 820 0089. E-mail:gerhard_debruyn@yahoo.com, Price: R4500 Olive pigeon Triton Cockatoo Camden Park, SA. Price is more than 30% below the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. 00 per paar. Birds in Pretoria, Gauteng. 08-Jul-2020. Check it out! (Kimberley but can organise transport to major towns). Black throated Canaries White throated Canaries Email: dsbrakeclutch@telkomsa.net, 29/09/2019-Wanted/Gesoek: 14 Zebra finches R40.00 each; American doves R460.00 p/p E-mail:izoldepre@hotmail.com. Blue spotted doves R 695.00 Bicheno Birds - Pretoria - Gauteng. Price: R 350 p/p, Scaly Feathered Waxbills or Email: mailto:butchm101@gmail.com, 22/10/2019-Wanted/Gesoek: Price:R6500. Red headed parrot finches R900 Contact Stanly on 0827052789 / sehlers@up.ac.za, 19/10/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: Contact: Rowland Dicks on 082 770 0453 From the great deals offered by bank sales and commercial properties, to the stylishly-designed development units and countryside gems, this is a one-stop property-for-sale … White Java 2-2-0 R190 ea I feel sorry for the bird being on it’s own. White ring-necked Preferably in Gauteng (Pretoria), It looks like a boy. Birds for sale in Gauteng. 1. Swans, geese, and flamingos for sale. 00 each cockatiels r150. 1-0 Owl finch R250.00 Brpr Pheasants R1350.00 p/p Roodepoort. :Gewone grys, Town/City: Swellendam The Pacific parrotlet (Forpus coelestis) is the most common parrotlet available and is extremely popular. 1-1 Strawberry Finches 9-9 brpr Gouldians Major Mitchell 1-0 Knysna turaco (2017, s/s, on permit, in excellent health). Bird and Parrot classifieds. id 0260001853048. Contact Aragshad on 0823223976 / aragshadritchie@gmail.com, 10/06/2019 – For sale/Te koop: Birds for Sale. FINCHES FOR SALE IN PRETORIA. Contact Chamiel on 0721115025 / chamielr40@gmail.com, 03/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: Laughing Kookaburras Male or Female. $70 Negotiable. Twinspots red peters. Price is within 10% of the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. Apartments / flats for sale in Midrand. Red-Throated Parrotfinches R450, All birds sold as pairs Permits done on requests Contact: Hennie van Wyk on 082 414 5435 Namaqua doves R350.00 p/p Sea Green Parrotfinches. E-mail:bethpettit@gmail.com. Diamond doves white and red R350.00 p/p Contact: Theo 0722888931 Contact: Maxeen 0723335557 or email me at maxeensrobin@gmail.com, 04/08/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: Buy, discover, learn all about (AA) Cycads from South Africa. Find Birds and Aviaries for sale in Pretoria North. We are wholesalers and retailers of the largest range of pre and post galvanized welded wire mesh. Namaqua doves R350.00 p/p Select picture to upload. Bengalese approx 30 @ R300 for all. Contact Gerhard on 0748295805 / gerhard_debruyn@yahoo.com, 26/07/2020: For sale/Te koop: 17 properties . We supply Riverstone and River stone pebbles to nurseries in the Western Cape area; We supply landscapers with pebbles, stones, gravel, chip stone, pavers and other hard landscaping products. R950-r1200. 1-1 pair of Namaqua Doves R350.00 for the pair Healthy Blue and Gold Macaws for Sale in Danville Pretoria West. 1-1 pair of Namaqua Doves R350.00 for the pair Please contact Ian 0842407341 Pretoria pet shops for pet products and puppies, kittens, fish, birds and other pets for sale in Pretoria. 04-Jun-2020. Located in Pretoria/ Krugersdorp. Java 2-2-0 pair R120 ea Birds For Sale Lombardy East Gauteng 7 … Town/City: Contact: Werner 082 412 7144. 1-0 Cuban finch Red headed finch I am based in Durban bluff 14 Chinese handpainted quails; Yellow ring-necked 2-1 teal ducks (female cinnamon female, 2 normal males) fish tank. 09/11/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: Double Yellow Headed Amazon Browse through available finches for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. R 411. Doves, Finches & Softbills Gerhard141 November 29, 2020 Wanted 0-1 bearded barbet 0-2 purple glossy starlings 0-1 long tailed glossy starling 0-2 trumpeter hornbills 1-0 southern red billed hornbills 2-0 von … Birds for Sale. 4-4 brpr Zebra Finches :CB, Yesterday 1. E-mail:veregrobler@gmail.com. Violet ear waxbills R495.00 p/p. mail: sooi@zaagkuilsdrift.co.za, 3-2 Singing quails Eclectus Parrots Kuifkop bengalese R150ea 1. Zebra Finches. 1-0 Silvery Cheeked Hornbill mature Contact: Gerhard on 0748295805 1-0 Passarini dove R150.00 We carry a wide selection of birds that are all bred locally.

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