Get our monthly magazine delivered to your home! Meltwater flowing below the ice carved out troughs that we know as valleys. STAY CONNECTED! Many glacial erratic boulders(often simply called glacial erratics) can be found in the … Puget Sound and Beach Erratics This picture shows Puget Sound from Discovery Park, Seattle. The glacial sediments were smoothed by the ice at the base of the Vashon glacier into the relatively flat horizon you see on the hills across Puget Sound. [27], 47°38′20″N 122°24′48″W / 47.63889°N 122.41333°W / 47.63889; -122.41333 (Four Mile Rock)[28], 47°41′46″N 122°31′24″W / 47.69612°N 122.52347°W / 47.69612; -122.52347 (Frog Rock), 46°51′54″N 122°34′45″W / 46.86507°N 122.57904°W / 46.86507; -122.57904 (Lake Lawrence erratic), 47°59.816′N 122°6.954′W / 47.996933°N 122.115900°W / 47.996933; -122.115900 (Lake Stevens Monster), 47°39′47″N 122°46′12″W / 47.66297°N 122.769916°W / 47.66297; -122.769916 (Lone Rock), 47°6′15.5″N 123°4′3.0″W / 47.104306°N 123.067500°W / 47.104306; -123.067500 (Oyster Bay erratic), 47°09′14″N 122°11′41″W / 47.153807°N 122.194685°W / 47.153807; -122.194685 (Skystone), 48°03′38″N 122°27′47″W / 48.06056°N 122.46306°W / 48.06056; -122.46306 (Waterman Rock), 47°40′51″N 122°17′50″W / 47.68084°N 122.2973°W / 47.68084; -122.2973 (Wedgwood Rock), 47°53.593′N 122°38.579′W / 47.893217°N 122.642983°W / 47.893217; -122.642983 (White Rock), sfn error: no target: CITEREFTroostBooth2008 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFBoothTroostShimel2008 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFGoldstein1994 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFWaterman1922 (, Glacial erratics in the Puget Sound region, "Mima Mounds continue to mystify scientists", "Bellingham area glacial erratics: The Arroyo Park erratic", "Distributed Evidence: Mapping Named Erratics", "Big Rock, Big Trees, Little Park -- New Safeway Being Built Near Tiny Duvall Landmark", "UW professor puts Big Rock in its geologic place", "Big Rock for sale: Giant stone goes with Coupeville apartments", "Coupeville Town Council unmoved by Big Rock", "Conglomerate Erratic and Link to Northwest Geology Field Trips Write Up of a Huge Erratic",, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Fourmile Rock, "The Lake Stevens monster- largest erratic in Washington. A few of the larger or otherwise most notable erratics can be found in this table. Left took us down into the forest and the depression that holds the erratic. These are erratic boulders, which were derived from the basement rocks of … Get the best of ParentMap delivered right to your inbox. And it’s cool for grown-ups to climb rocks, too. A glacial erratic is glacially-deposited rock differing from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests. The Wedgwood Erratic at NE 72nd Street and 28th Ave NE is a huge boul-der that these glaciers brought down from the mountains near Bellingham. Great New Podcast Recommendations for Kids and Families, 4 Buzzworthy New Movies to Watch With Your Kids This Fall, Virtual Reality for Family Education, Exercise and Entertainment, The Seattle Street-Smart Naturalist and Stories in Stone, Climb the Streets: 5 Exciting Stairway Walks for Seattle-Area Families, Last Day to Order a Hanukkah Party toolbox From Chabad of NW Seattle, 'A Christmas Carol' Radio Play by ACT Theatre, 'The Little Engine That Could' — Virtual Performance by StoryBook Theater, Campus Luminata, Virtual Winterfest Performances and Coloring Contest. The rock owes its name to its distance from an early Seattle landmark known as Yesler's Wharf that was exactly four nautical miles away. Technically, a pebble transported a great distance by glacial activity can be also be considered an erratic, but these are harder to notice. “Yeah, erratics are pretty cool,” agrees David Williams, urban geologist and author of “The Seattle Street-Smart Naturalist and Stories in Stone.” “They reveal the power of ice, not only to sculpt the land, but also to act as giant trucks moving huge rocks, tens or hundreds of miles. Facebook. They often contain veins of minerals and other unusual surprises such as fossils. Annie Fanning is a mother of two brilliant daughters, a Seattle Tree Ambassador and a flower-throwing anarchist. The last glacial climatic interval was called the Fraser glaciation, which sculpted much of the topography we see today in … Superimposed on the underlying geology is the earth shaping action of the Vashon glaciation (15,000-20,000 BP). Media in category "Glacial erratics in the Puget Sound region" The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Glacial erratics in the Puget Sound region‎ (6 C, 2 F) T Tamanowas Rock‎ (2 F) Media in category "Glacial erratics in Washington (state)" The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total. The kids (and I) enjoyed walking around the 38 foot high boulder and imagining how it was deposited here long ago due to glacial activity. Glacial Lakes of the Puget Lobe. Scroll through the image arrows above to see a few big rocks you can easily make friends with. This granitic erratic is approximately … ParentMap, Seattle, Washington. Like an old-growth tree, a magnificent rock has a presence about it — a spirit, if you will. Bainbridge Island Frog Rock.jpg 3,264 × 2,448; 1.91 MB. Glacial till (sediment deposited directly by the ice) and outwash (sediment deposited by meltwater in front of the glacier) make up most of what is found at or near the surface. As the ice advanced, sheering cliffs and cutting ravines, the glaciers picked up hunks of rock and carried them along. When the ice melted, these rocks were left miles away from their place of origin. The irresistible force of glacial drift gave way to inertia some 14,000 years ago, leaving this 700-ton sample of gneiss as a testament to the Ice Age that blanketed the Puget Sound area. As the Fraser glacier melted starting about 15,000 years ago, it deposited materials on San Juan Island. Sections of this page. In western Washing- Glaciers scoured and deepened Puget Sound, the Georgia, Haro and Rosario straits. The southern coastline of Connecticut is visible along the horizon. The till is dotted with glacial erratics, many of which originated in Canada. The photo below shows a glacial erratic near Carson Pass. Science Content 1. Huge rocks carried by glaciers are fascinating and fun to climb on, Duvall's Big Rock. More erratics are noted in the area-specific lists in the navigation box. In spite of the dense tree cover and dense development, glacial landforms are much in evidence in the Puget Sound region, and this includes large glacial erratics. A glacial erratic is a piece of rock that differs from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests. Ice sheets advanced across Puget Sound, depositing large volumes of glacial sediment. June 26, 2015 by Robert. The glaciers, colossal sheets of ice on a continental scale, scraped and sculpted the terrain with cycles of freezing and flooding. prize naturally placed erratics because these unusual rocks provide important clues to the geology of our region — and fun. ... Several glacial eratics are found at the north beach. — okay, _technically_ they’re _not_ ‘erratics’ because an erratic has to be of a type of rock _different_ from the rock it is deposited on - hence: erratic - but I don’t know what else to call them and ‘glacial boulder-thingies’ doesn’t sound as impressive. The crossing for me is no longer just scenic, but a journey in geologic time. Accessibility Help. Rock hills of pre- glacial sculpture, lying beyond the limit of glaciation, begin here and continue southward past the Columbia. Jump to. Beyond the southern portion of the Puget Sound depression is an abrupt transition in the topography. It’s okay to encourage kids to climb rocks! mass which covered the Puget Sound region as far south as Olympia from about 18,000 to 11,000 years ago. Email or Phone: ... 6 Seattle-area glacial erratics are fascinating and fun. Such rocks can be found throughout the park, including the famous "Glacial Boulder" near Inspiration Point in the park. Geologists, natural historians and friends of rocks (and kids who like to climb stuff!) Skip ahead to go straight to the giant rocks, or scroll down for some history on these nifty erratics. Editor's note: This article was originally published a few years ago. The clay that adds to the landslide hazards around the Puget Sound area was deposited then. Out the window now I see more than water; I see its history. Walking along airstrip, the unmarked junction for the erratic appeared in another quarter mile. The water feature is centered around a huge cedar root salvaged from Elda’s previous pond garden and a massive glacial erratic found during pond excavation. Stop by for a climb or a pat when you are in the area, and be sure to say hello. Ice coated the Puget Sound lowlands, and most of the mountain regions of northern Washington, Idaho and Montana. … Like climbing trees, scrambling atop big rocks is one of those genuine childhood pleasures that these days, in our nature deficiency, we have to schedule into the family program. The final episode was the Wisconsin glaciation, a cycle that took place from 100,000 years ago until about 10,000 years ago. My favorite erratic is found along the shoreline here. I think it's something every kid can relate to.”. These processes have established the broad-scale topography and geology of the region. As the Puget Lobe advanced, it deposited hundreds of feet of Lawton Clay, Esperance Sand, and Vashon Till. [6] The soil of Seattle, the state's largest city, is approximately 80% glacial drift, most of which is Vashon glacial deposits (till),[7] and nearly all of the city's major named hills are characterized as drumlins (Beacon Hill, First Hill, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne Hill) or drift uplands (Magnolia, West Seattle). Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve 03 - glacial erratic just off main trail.jpg 6,000 × 4,000; 13.1 MB. Make friends. Puget Sound glacier. The Excellent Erratics, Big and Small, of Des Moines. The Pleistocene ice age glaciation of Puget Sound created many of the geographical … Many glacial erratic boulders (often simply called glacial erratics) can be found in the Puget Sound region as far south as the Yelm area where the Puget Lobe of the glacier … A legend says that a hero named Sta'kub could throw a giant cedar and hazel branch dragnet over the rock while standing at the beach. [3][8] Boulders greater than 3 meters in diameter are "rare" in the Vashon till,[2] but can be found, as seen in the table below. One of the garden’s crown jewels, the Paradise Garden is located at the entrance of Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden. Over the last several million years, glaciers have repeatedly inundated northern Washington. For a quick afternoon pick-me-up, there’s nothing like scaling a boulder to elevate energy and make you want to woot with joy. Introduce yourself to the rock. So much glacial ice existed that the oceans were 300 feet lower than they are today. Take time to inspect it closely for fossils and minerals, as well as interesting mosses and lichens. From glaciers to volcanoes to earthquakes, witness the processes that have shaped the Puget Sound landscape. Press alt + / to open this menu. You don’t have to understand geology to commune with a great rock — or scramble up it and stand victorious on top — but knowing a little about the forces that created and shaped such rocks can turn a big boulder into a real-life natural history experience.Â. The glacial ice was nearly one-half mile thick at Seattle and obliterated all the soils beneath it.When the glaciers melted, much of what was left behind was a mixture of sand, silt, clay, and rocks called till, much like the material at the Some erratics are more scramble-friendly than others. Many of the area's water bodies fill these troughs, including Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Union, Lake Tapps, and Lake Sammamish. Most of Whidbey Island's terrain is relatively smooth because it has been sculpted in glacial till and sediments. 39K likes. Rocks that have been transported by glaciers are called erratics because they have landed somewhere far from their natural homes. Largest is 15.33 feet (4.67 m) high, 69.5 feet (21.2 m) in circumference. Continental ice sheets have repeatedly advanced and retreated from the Puget Sound region. Four Mile Rock at right center is a glacial erratic in Seattle, Washington. Erratic Boulders of Puget Sound "A glacial ‘erratic’ is a rock fragment carried by glacial ice and transported some distance from the outcrop from which it was derived, and generally resting on bedrock of a different type* [although glacial or alluvial sediment may directly underlie the erratic. " "[3] Erratics can be found at altitudes up to about 1,300–1,600 feet (400–490 m) in the Enumclaw area,[4] along with kames, drumlins,[5] and perhaps also the unique Mima mounds. Boulder-dominated intertidal areas in estuarine waters occur uncommonly in the Puget Sound; some could be classified as artificial substrata (riprap), while some consist of glacial erratics perched on hardpan. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support. These are glacial erratics. Are You Raising Your Child With a Growth Mindset or a Fixed One? Even if you can’t climb, whenever possible touch the rock, lean against it, smell it, measure it against your body. The retreat of that Vashon Glacier, a melting of astonishing power, sculpted Puget Sound, the islands we sail towards, and all the waters from Olympia to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The lowlands around Puget Sound are covered by glacial drift. When the glaciers advanced into the Puget Sound region two million years ago, the major features of our Northwest landscape — the volcanoes, mountain ranges, rivers, and basins — already existed. ", "Big boulder in Edmonds one of many left by long-gone glaciers", "A Really Big Erratic White Rock in Jefferson County", "White Rock, a large erratic at Hood Head, Hood Canal",, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 10:39. Many glacial erratic boulders (often simply called glacial erratics) can be found in the Puget Sound region as far south as the Yelm area where the Puget Lobe of the glacier reached its maximum extent. I live within spitting distance of the Puget Sound shoreline along Browns Bay north of Edmonds. However, there is occasionally a large boulder perched on the ground surface. Erratics-Cascades-PB110028.JPG 1,473 × 646; 280 KB. Puget Sound Glacial Animation – Video. Most places are open, but you'll want to double-check before heading out as open status can change day by day. And people sometimes refer to large landscape rocks as “urban erratics,” which is fun but not really correct as glaciers had nothing to do with their turning up in your garden. The Puget Sound is part of the larger geologic province of the Puget Lowland. Look for glacial striations, (grooves scratched, etched and scraped in bedrock). 47°51′53.7″N 122°14′10.7″W / 47.864917°N 122.236306°W / 47.864917; -122.236306 (Airport Boulder), 48°41′54″N 122°28′45″W / 48.6983°N 122.4793°W / 48.6983; -122.4793 (Arroyo Park erratic), 47°43.542′N 121°59.189′W / 47.725700°N 121.986483°W / 47.725700; -121.986483 (Big Rock (Duvall)), 48°12′38″N 122°41′14″W / 48.21056°N 122.68722°W / 48.21056; -122.68722 (Big Rock (Coupeville)), 47°48′N 122°48′W / 47.8°N 122.8°W / 47.8; -122.8 (Dabob Bay erratic), Four or more erratics on beach below Discovery Park. Your Puget Sound resource for family, fun and more 'cause parenting is a trip! Glaciers melt faster in salt water than on land. This boulder is at least 15 feet tall (~5 m), and is a glacial erratic that was most likely plucked from the bedrock beneath Long Island Sound and later deposited along the Roanoke Point Moraine during the retreat of the Wisconsinan glaciers some 20,000 years ago. 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It's theorized that the rock -- called a glacial erratic -- was pushed into place with glacial movement of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet. Here are two erratics to visit in Des Moines: … Largest in the US? [23], 47°40.124′N 122°25.210′W / 47.668733°N 122.420167°W / 47.668733; -122.420167 (Discovery Park beach erratics), 48°04′24″N 122°47′22″W / 48.07333°N 122.78944°W / 48.07333; -122.78944 (Fort Townsend State Park), Native Americans called the rock LE'plEpL, also written La'pub, and also called it Tele'tla (meaning "rock"). Glacial lake sediments often display annual layers called varves that reflect the finest silt and clay settling during frozen winter months altenating with coarser silt and sand washed in over the summer months. The glacial advance caused lakes to form and deposited clay in them. This is so cool! The Vashon Stade. Glaciers crack pieces of bedrock off in the process of Both were sculpted by the thick and extensive glaciers that advanced south to just beyond Olympia. In spite of the dense tree cover and dense development, glacial landforms are much in evidence in the Puget Sound region, and this includes large glacial erratics. Climbing tips: Use your best judgment. Vashon Glaciation Animation. 'Partly enclosed' sites are in embayments with relatively low waves or currents, so that silt may settle on the rock and reduce settlement or survival of small algae Some have signs prohibiting climbing.

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