If you want them a little crispier, you can order them "light-well." In-N-Out actually offers several different versions of the fry experience — none of them can really transform the fries into anything really memorable (at least not in a good way), but they do provide a certain variation on the overall fry mediocrity. Take it out of the microwave and spread around the cooked onions on top. https://www.popsugar.com/food/-N-Out-Animal-Style-Fries-Recipe-34740778 Because In-N-Out refuses to use frozen potatoes, this means that inevitably many of those fresh potatoes they're using are going to be out of season and thus not too tasty. Some spoke of the fact that In-N-Outs also tend to use cottonseed oil, which isn't as tasty as canola or some other oils, while others seemed to feel that the fries being prepared in-store means that their quality is dependent in a large part upon the skill and the experience level of the fry cook, who is likely to be a new, barely-trained, minimum wage-earning teenager. In-N-Out regulars know all about this combination that includes a couple slices of cheese, a gererous amount of their special sauce and delicious grilled onions overtop. If you want them almost burnt and inedible, you can get them "extra well-done." Even though In-N-Out may well be offering some of the worst fries on the planet, they're still one of the nation's most popular fast food chains. If you want them even darker and crispy, you can order them "well-done." No less of a food expert than Anthony Bourdain, a man who traveled the world and enjoyed some of its greatest delicacies, revealed in an interview with Eater that one of the reasons he enjoyed visiting Los Angeles was that the first thing he'd do would be to "hit the airport In-N-Out." If you don't want to commit all the way to the Animal Style experience, you can just ask for some special spread packets on the side and use them like you would ketchup. In-N-Out has one dirty little secret they'd rather not go public with: while everybody loves their burgers, their fries are quite a different matter. In-N-Out Burger has, from the beginning, focused on doing hamburgers and shakes with a high level of quality and consistency. Simple, yet satisfying. What makes these fries so notorious? (Entire Web sites are devoted to that subject, and … At this point check your fries, reheating if necessary, since they'll need to be warm for the next step — covering them with a few slices of American cheese. According to the restaurant, their french fries and onions are cooked in sunflower oil. As for the other popular french fry on the block, Five Guy's opts to use peanut oil … If you're intrigued by the sound of animal-style fries, but don't want to deal with In-N-Out's disappointing fries, one way to get around this is to DIY your own animal-style fries at home. A Double-Double, animal-style. Another simple upgrade requires nothing more than dousing your ketchup with a bit of pepper and dipping your fries in it. They are wonderful, but with a fault. In 2019 a Los Angeles Times food columnist put together what he called the official French fry power rankings, compiling a chart which ranked the fries from 19 different fast food chains. As Samson explains, "The only way to make a really good french fry is to cook it at least twice, if not three times," but In-N-Out fries are only cooked once. 8. What it is: In-N-Out does "light-well" and "well-done" fries. Top the cheese with the onions, finish off with the sauce, and scarf the whole mess down before it's cold. The restaurant’s main competitors include Five Guys and Whataburger. When the onions are done, mix up the In-N-Out-style special sauce or "spread," using mayo, ketchup, and sweet pickle relish plus a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of distilled vinegar. All the way at the opposite end, however, was In-N-Out, whose fries ranked dead last in taste and second-to-last for texture (only Sonic's were judged to be worse). Just mix the two together and you'll have some spice in your delicious In-N-Out fries. Fries were judged, and placed on the chart, according to two criteria: texture and taste. Yeah, the chilies are usually FREE on a burger, but I guess they're considered an extra feature on the fries. After that take your sauce out of the fridge and spread as much as you want on your platter of fries. 1 of 24. One thing he won't touch, however, is In-N-Out's fries. You Want Fries With That. You're gonna need a little elbow grease for this one, as you can't order it up front, but it's so easy to put together on your own. We suggest giving them a go and washing them down with a cold milkshake, maybe even an In-N-Out Neapolitan Milkshake. And if you've ever had them, you know why. That way, you can just dip your fries in the condiment without having to overwhelm these poor fragile little tubers. In-N-Out is a staple on the west coast and although their menu might look basic, there's a whole lot of upgrades you can make, even with something as simple as their fries. He readily admits to eating fast food, including having a surprising passion for Domino's (bacon, onion, and Alfredo sauce on thin crust is his go-to pizza). Chef Steve Samson, owner of Los Angeles eateries Rossoblu, Sotto, and Superfine Pizza, told LAist that by slicing the potatoes and then tossing them immediately in the fryer, In-N-Out is making a big mistake — potatoes should be soaked in water prior to being fried, as this helps ensure that the fries are properly cooked and can achieve a slightly crunchy exterior while remaining soft inside. If you think that hiding unpalatable fries under a mess of toppings makes them tastier (instead of just messier), you can also try the cheese fries, in which the fries are draped with a few slices of cheese which then melt into goo, or you can go all-out and order the notorious animal-style fries. The overall best of the best, tops for taste and a respectable #4 for texture, were Five Guys fries, with McDonald's famous fries coming in at #2. Lemon pepper fries can be made by sprinkling on a generous amount of black pepper from the condiment station and then squeezing on a few of the fresh lemon wedges meant for iced tea. He agrees with the rest of the world that these fries are "total garbage," and what's more, he revealed to Vulture his theory as to why this is so. Stand back for a … And when it comes to this particular criterion, In-N-Out's offering is indisputably epic. But I HOPE everyone knows to order In-N-Out's fries "well done." More like potatoes boiled in oil until submission." This one's easy. In-N-Out's standard fries, after all, are way too limp to hold up under anything much heavier than ketchup. ", A Twitter thread on fast food fries included remarks regarding In-N-Out's contribution to the field such as "They may be fresh, but the texture is terrible," "In-N-Out fries are back ally cardboard bum condos put through a paper shredder and fried in dumpster juice," "I've always thought InNOut fries were total trash (I actually trash them whole)," and "In-N-Out Fries are fucking awful!" You can even get them saltless. One food critic with SFGate is an admitted In-N-Out fanboy, having taken his prom date to In-N-Out and even dined on their burgers with his bride on their wedding day. It starts with super crispy French Fries piled high with deliciousness. Price: $3.55 Selling point: Fries on steroids.. In-N-Out makes their fries fresh to order, so you have the option of having them custom cooked. French Fries. There's a sort-of workaround for this — if you ask for your fries "well done," In-N-Out will not cook them twice, but … I've seen this question come up quite a bit (I just noticed it's been merged with 3 others) and I appreciate that you've considered some of the reasons already. Want good fries? They just don't taste fried, IMO. If you want them even darker and crispy, you can order them "well-done." Perhaps the biggest goof that In-N-Out makes with its fry preparation, however, is in failing to double-fry them, which is a technique most other fast-food chains employ to ensure the crispiest fries. It's been around for 72 years and counting, and even though it hasn't ever expanded out of a six-state western area, being limited to California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Oregon, still, just about everybody in the other 44 states has heard of the chain and somehow feels they're missing out if they've never had the In-N-Out experience.

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