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The outer surfaces of a pellet stove don’t get as hot as the surfaces of wood stoves … You must follow the installation and fire clearance instructions in the installation manual for your particular pellet stove as described by its manufacturer. Katelin,in the article above we have as venting limitationsH. Where termination is above the roof line, the vent shall terminate at least 1 m above the adjacent roof surface. Please help!!! Pellet Stove Installation Requirements Pellet Stoves are typically clean-burning that stoves form one leg of a dual-fuel strategy that is appealing to growing numbers of homeowners concerned with personal … Pellet stoves produce hot exhaust gases which can discolour the wall being vented through. Pellet Stoves are typically clean-burning that stoves form one leg of a dual-fuel strategy that is appealing to growing numbers of homeowners concerned with personal independence, sustainability and cost savings. - [Click to enlarge any image], with an oak installed on my castle serenity how far away from the side of a window can my vent being I can't go 1 foot above the window. The rise would be about 63 inches. Pellet Stove Installation Factsheet FS- 940 2012 ... important to always consult the stove manual for specific requirements. You will normally then use the corresponding sized vitreous enamel flue pipe for the first section of flue from the stove … Flue sizes. A vent shall not terminate less than 2.1 m above any public sidewalk, lane or street or right of way. Double wall pellet pipe requires a 1 … We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. This device shall be capable of stopping the fuel-feeding if the temperature exceeds 95 deg C in the furnace supply plenum; shut down or failure of combustion air; failure of the combustion air supply mechanism to stay in the fully open position; shut down due to mechanical failure or failure of the flue-gas flow. Wood stove & pellet stove … Today, after years of co-operative efforts by all levels of government, the wood-heating industry and groups such as Fire Prevention Canada, several measures are in place to help you heat with wood – safely. For example, there must be at least 1 inch of space from the back of the stove … Pellet stove fire clearance distance specifications & manuals: This article describes fire safety distances required between pellet stoves and the nearest combustible surface and the clearance distances between a pellet stove chimney or vent and other buidling features. “Our whole culture is built around giving the consumer products that you can plug in and forget,” says Dan Freihofer, vice president of operations for, a pellet provider. No other appliances using this flue. What is a WETT Inspection? Guards shall be provided around the termination of the sidewall venting system to prevent individuals from accidentally running into the venting system and mechanical damage from occurring as a result of vehicular traffic. I'd be concerned if the non-combustible material is just a veneer. It shall not be within 1.8 m of a mechanical air supply inlet to a building. This is a metal pipe that attaches to the pellet stove at one end — typically with a pellet stove pipe chimney adapter — … If tested with cordwood, emissions test method must be approved, and stoves must meet crib wood limit. Shown above: Intertek Pellet Stove clearances for the Intertek Sarnac model. Pellet stoves heat with a flame, so safety is a major factor when determining the ideal location for installation. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. These manuals give examples of pellet stove installation requirements including fire clearances and venting. This stove produces 45,100 Btu per hour, roughly matching the output of a small residential boiler or furnace–enough to heat 2250 square feet of living space. Clearances. Chimney and Wood Stove Safety, English; Chimney and Wood Stove … Pellet stoves require proper venting to prevent the release of dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide into the home. Let's start with the brand and model of your specific pellet stove; then we can look at the manufacturer's specific venting installation requirements. Cracks in the flue or mortar joints can allow flames and heated gases to get into living spaces. These safety measures include the following: • a reliable installation code (“CSA B365 Installation Code for Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliances and Equipment”); • safety-testing standards for stoves, inserts, fireplaces, furnaces, chimneys and flue pipes (almost all equipment for sale carries a certification label indicating that it conforms to safety tests); and a thorough training program for retailers, installers, chimney sweeps, municipal fire and building inspectors, and insurance inspectors (professionals in every part of Canada have completed the WETT or APC programs).

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