Hello, So far gpu's seem to be very good at "particle simulations". Longer arrows for faster airflow and give them a direction. New beta version of case simulator including new cases, missing pins, stickers and graffities. Added Spectrum 2 case. Clean sweep of the area. ... undisturbed by any trees or buildings nearby, it's a dream for anyone building a business case. Lamborghini Gallardo Aerodynamics. This case provides an excellent balance of looks, cooling and radiator support. Read More . Case layout. The new case has dropped a good 15 degrees and that's with the case fans spinning much slower (and therefore quieter) than the previous case fans. As such, we want this flow of air to cross over as much of the PC as possible. Airflow in computer cases has become one of the most misunderstood and horribly confusing elements in computing. 24 may 2017. Tweaked drop rates depending on revealing odds for Chinese version of CS:GO. Unless the computer is in a cleanroom, you definitely will get dust inside.Or, as it more commonly happens, something that can be described as computer mud – a very nasty mixture of dust and air moisture. ... air flow impacts wind comfort & wind safety. Keep your gaming PC cool with these airflow optimisations. Cooling fans on a PC case can be installed either as an intake (bringing air into the case) or as an exhaust (moving air out of the case). 16 march 2017. 18 febrary 2018. By definition, most have airflow unmatched by traditional closed PC cases. Added Spectrum Case. Simulation. Even with all your good intentions, you’re liable to get dust coming in through all your intakes. Our cloud-based virtual wind tunnel software will run a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation around your 3D model. The “more is better” idea seems like a good starting point, and to some extent more airflow will reduce temperatures. When implementing intake fans (or purchasing a case with them pre-installed), they go on the front of the PC where there’s less outside obstruction. In the simplest case just sit down with a pen/paper and draw some vectors/arrows indicating airflow from fan. GPU temps are about the same, but I think that's partly because the intake fans don't spin up enough to exhaust the GPU better because the CPU never gets hot enough to trigger my fan curve uplift. Added Hydra Case. The best way to imagine airflow is to think of a stream of air beginning from the intake fans and ending at the exhaust. Most PC cases today conform to the common ATX layout: optical drives at the front-top, hard disks in the front-middle, motherboard mounted on … Continue drawing a vector field for many points in your case (which can heavily be approximated by a rectangle). The Corsair Crystal 280X is a mATX dual chamber design case that supports a 280mm Radiator in the top, and/or 240mm in the front and bottom of the case for a variety of airflow and cooling regimes. The downside to this is the frustrating amount of dust that accumulates from allowing air to pass unmeshed or unfiltered. ... but often lack the oomph to get air all the way through your case. 11 september 2017. If you understand the predicament of open air cases, then the Thermaltake Core P3 is an easy recommendation. Added Clutch Case.

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