Fastidious J. Spiffington is a small hamster with a cultured British accent, obsessed with cleanliness and world domination. 9:39. Yin Yang Yo-episode 57-Stuck Yang focuses on Might, employing various weapons in his battles. sarahabby5086. She and her older twin brother Yang are trained by Master Yo to master Woo Foo and to assure to the world that it is not foolish. Yuck wants nothing more than to become the most powerful Woo Foo Knight ever, and to do that, he needs to eliminate Yin & Yang plus Master Yo. Yin and yang (or yin-yang) is a complex relational concept in Chinese culture that has developed over thousands of years. Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard voiced by Jamie Watson and 5 others. Yo has great sage wisdom and is a master in the Woo Foo arts, but is also pretty lazy and prone to lounging around. - Season 1, Episode 16 - Master Dave / Destination Danger: Master Dave: The Tree Stump Kid named Dave is disappointed his friends Yin & Yang missed his birthday party. Yin Yang Yo! Yang voiced by Scott McCord and 2 others. Yin voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern and 4 others. plus-circle Add Review. Yin is a pink rabbit and the main protagonistof the Jetix series Yin Yang Yo! He is nearly always seen inside a hamsterball that serves as the control center for his robots, mainly his Hamsterbot. Yin y Yang comienzan a ser atraídos hacia una relación incestuosa. Season 1. Underage; Yang/Yin (Yin Yang Yo!) Yuck is an Evil Level 5 Woo Foo Warrior who originally was an entity formed from Yin's obsession with control and Yang's aggression. Yo is a grumpy old panda whose age is unknown (but he missed his 117th high school reunion). Their aliens are Lina, Roger Junior and others. FictoberMF20; FictoberMF; Fictober; Octubre; Drabble; YinYangYo; incesto; Summary. Tags. S01E16 - Master Dave - Destination Danger. Yang (Yin Yang Yo!) Cast. Main Yin Yang Yo! Yin Yang Yo-episode 42-The Pecking Order by RandomToon. Master Yo mentors Yin and Yang in the Woo Foo way to save the world, but it wasn't his choice. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Edna voiced by Kathy Laskey and 1 … Master Yo voiced by Martin Roach and 2 others. ". 21:35. Teacher of Yin and Yang, Yo is a grumpy old panda whose age is unknown though implied to be a centenarian (as he'd missed his 117th high school reunion). They are so cute, that is why, there is no other way but to play with these cute guys, juts take part and feel the most exciting adventures with Yin, Yang, Yo. Follow. comment. He has a habit of drastically increasing his pitch whenever exclaiming certain words, such as "Activate!! Yin is training to master the mystic style of Woo Foo, and is currently at the second level. Browse more videos. Playing next. 9:19. Yin Yang Yo! Recurring Roles. 2006-07 Addeddate 2019-06-27 04:39:57 Color color Identifier yinyangyoseason1 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Sound sound Year 2006 . Master Yo is a powerful, yet discontented Woo Foo fighter who hopes that Yin and Yang can finish his work of saving the world from evil forces, including Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard ( Jamie Watson ) … Watch Yin Yang Yo! 2 years ago | 26 views. Yin (Yin Yang Yo!) S01E16 - Master Dave - Destination Danger. Yin Yang Yo-episode 84-Welcome to the dark tomorrow Part 2 by RandomToon. Briefly put, the meaning of yin and yang is that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature. Yo has great sage wisdom and is a master in the Woo Foo arts. Report. Yin Yang Yo! Publication date 2006-08-26 Topics Jetix Language English. As you have already understood, they are the main characters and they have always a lot of things to do. He was voiced by Scott McCord.

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