Food : Primarily carnivorous, try to give your Copperband Butterflyfish a variety of marine foods, including brine and mysis shrimp. Minimum tank size: from 500 liters / 125 gallons. Any additions to a tank can introduce disease, so it's advisable to properly clean or quarantine anything that you want add to an established tank prior to introduction. The fish is territorial and will pair up and protect its feeding area from other pairs of butterflyfish. Keep your Copperbanded Butterflyfish in the hospital tank for two weeks or so and watch for obvious saltwater diseases, like marine ich. They range from 12 to 22cm (4.7 to 8.7 inches) in lengt… Care Level: Easy to moderate Notes: If keeping more than one, introduce at the same time. Advice for Selecting Marine Fish It has yellow-orange vertical bands with a black edging. Copperband Butterfly for sale 4Less! Due to their tendency to nibble on anything, they are amazing for fish tank pest control. They should go after mysis, brine, rod's food, or similar. Additionally they will prey upon fan worms and Aiptasia, however you may need to tempt them onto the Aiptasia by covering them with other foods. Common Names : Beaked Coralfish, Copper-banded Butterfly Fish, Origin / Habitat : Indian Ocean, Indo-Pacific, Australia. Otherwise they will fight with one another. I keep at least one in any tank with any of my more prized/expensive saltwater fish. In the ocean they use their long jaws to probe for prey in crevices. These guys will not harass any other fish but can easily be harassed by larger fish. The Sailfin Tang needs a much larger tank, over 125 gallons (473 liters) and preferably larger given the potential adult size of this species. The copperband butterflyfish is visually very similar to the South African butterflyfish. You can use all three foods to slowly ween the Copperband Butterflyfish to a healthier diet. So, you need to apply different foods for this fish for its good health. The Copperband Butterflyfish is a difficult fish to feed; it is a shy and deliberate feeder that may need a variety of foods offered to it in order to start feeding. Learn how your comment data is processed. A large tank with ample hiding places is needed to successfully maintain some species. You can save the shells for later and stuff scallops inside as well. This combined with their difficult feeding habits and frequency to pick at anemones and inverts makes them difficult to place in the home aquarium. Unless you have a mated pair or an extremely large tank you should not attempt to house multiple butterflyfish. Keeping a copperband butterflyfish is not just placing them into your fish tank; you need to identify a few care facts, diet, and breeding options. The fish can be used to control aptasia but it shouldn't be the primary reason you get one. As with any other purchase always choose a healthy looking specimen. Even though the copperband butterflyfish is pretty to look at, these little ones can become quite high-maintenance once feeding time rolls around. Photo Credit : Photos copyright This will keep them satiated for a while, but if not fed correctly, they usually wither and die before your very eyes. Breeding : Very difficult to breed in captivity. Likewise they are not a good starter fish for an uncycled tank and are instead best added to a well established tank. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Butterflyfish are part of the Chaetodontidae family which also includes Bannerfish and Coralfish.They are one of the most colorful and intricately patterned families of saltwater fish, and aesthetic beauty is one of the top reasons people keep fish.This small sized marine fish is mostly found on the coral reefs of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, in tropical and subtropical waters. When selecting your Copperband Butterflyfish always ask to see them fed. One of the easier butterflyfish to keep. Happy to help you out. Since they are so delicate they come down with the typical saltwater fish diseases. When startled the Butterfly fish is a frequent jumper, which can lead to a quick loss. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'themandaringarden_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_2',622,'0','0']));Due to their large size and fragile nature, the Copperband Butterflyfish has not been bred in captivity as of yet. This will also give them time to recuperate from transport and it may be easier to get your Copperbanded Butterfly eating without competition from other tank mates. Keep your Copperbanded Butterflyfish in the hospital tank for two weeks or so and watch for obvious saltwater diseases, like marine ich. Another problem is that you mention a transfer from a 29 gallon to your current 55 gallon. Temperament / Behavior : They can be aggressive with other butterfly fish. Everyone recognizes this fish. Copperband Butterflyfish (Chelmon rostratus) Luc Viatour/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0 ) The Butterflyfish Chaetodontidae family consists of a large and diverse group of individual species that eat a wide variety of marine life in nature. For these reasons I cannot recommend trying to pair butterfly fish without a large 200+ gallon tank. As for the other species, this Chelmon does not … Copperband Butterflyfish blend copper, orange, yellow, silver, white and black coloration with a unique striped pattern to form a very visually appealing fish. While they may not be as nutritious any food will help. © - providing tropical fish tank and aquarium information for freshwater fish and saltwater fish keepers.About FishLore | This will make the feeding much easier and keep the fish from being harassed. There is however one exception to the Copperband Butterflyfish’s tolerance, other Copperband Butterflyfish. The Copperband Butterfly, Chelmon rostratus, has a silver sheen body with several copper bands and a long protruding snout tipped with a small mouth, and a small black dot on the end of its dorsal fin. Only introduce a Copperband to a long established tank (6 months or more) with peaceful tank mates. Take your time while acclimating them to the tank. Part of the reason butterfly fish starve is because they naturally swim around, deciding what to eat. Auriga Butterflyfish – Also known as Threadfin Butterflyfish, this fish has a peaceful temperament too and is generally shy in nature. Makes it easier to experiment with foods and provides a place for them to settle down from being transported without getting harassed from tank mates and adapt to aquarium life. The Copperband Butterflyfish has a false eyespot on the rear of the dorsal fin. Contrary to popular belief, freshwater shrimp Mysis isn’t necessarily a preferred meal for this species. It is easily identified by its long mouth and distinctive gold bars with a black eye on the top rear of its body. It can be very difficult to get them to start eating. Copperband Butterflyfish blend copper, orange, yellow, silver, white and black coloration with a unique striped pattern to form a very visually appealing fish. Feeding the bare minimum in order to reduce waste in the tank will often see these fish slowly starve to death. The key here is to keep the feedings coming. Some hobbyists have reported success using fresh clams on the half shell placed in the bottom of the tank to get them to start eating.

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